What a day…

Last Sunday saw the culmination of a wacky idea some 18 months previously. One of our Trustees Rob, took part in the Great Bristol Run – 13.1 miles or 21.1km round Bristol.

It was a truly incredible day from start to finish, the crowds, the support and the over £3100 raised for the charity.

Rob described it as a “day he would savour forever” and like nothing he has ever experienced before. First 16km went exactly to plan, barring a couple of ‘hold ups’ due to the sheer number of runners!

Last 5km were the toughest, Castle Park Hill at 12 miles comes to mind. Despite the so called ‘wall’ being met, Rob was able to manage his way through this, in fact speeding up on each of the last 5km. The ‘wall’ was met with a ‘wall of noise’ who shouted him down the line

Rob finished in a time of 1hr 45mins and 21 seconds. A lifetime best…a personal best and lots of other bests! It was after all, the first time he had ever attempted anything like this.

The aftermath, relatively unscathed – a few healthy aches, an argument with a toe nail trying to leave its bed but other than that, all good.

So a massive thank you to everyone who supported and made it possible, you all know who you are and on behalf of the charity – to all those who donated, it really has made a huge difference!

The SWHS Team x

Run time..fun time!

This is Rob, one of the Trustees for Somewhere House Somerset. In a few hours time, I will be taking part in the Great Bristol Run. 21.1km or 13.1miles

What started as “something needs to change” during the last Covid Lockdown, has now become way way more than that and a big part of my life. 18 months ago, I could barely run 200metres…and now today I will attempt a rather longer distance.

I have trained so hard, sometimes too much. A few niggling injuries along the way but overall, hopefully I am ready.

Then there is this wonderful charity that I am lucky to be a part of. All funds raised, to date around £2000 (plus gift aid) will go to supporting children and young people in our community. If you haven’t yet sponsored me, there is still time! Click here

Along the way I have been touched by all the support for this. Those closest to me know it’s a big deal for personal reasons – overcoming addiction, a serious knee injury and more. I have been interviewed for newspapers, been on BBC radio and even on the website. Thank you to everyone who has publicised and for those closest to me, for putting up with me!

I have been asked a number of times recently, what is the game plan? It’s really very simple. Don’t go off to quickly. Following that and all being well,. I intend to run as hard as my body will allow me to, for as long as it will allow me to. I am fully expecting challenges both physically and mentally. That is what I signed up for…but above all I intend to enjoy and savour every single minute of it.

If you are wanting to come support this great event – I am in the Pink Wave, setting off around 10.50 and my race number is 11043, should you want to track me on the Great Run App

Plans for the future? If all goes to plan…did someone say the London Marathon?

Rob x

Quiz Night!

Come down and join us at our next Quiz Night – Ritz Social Club, Burnham on Sea 7.30pm on 3rd October.

All funds raised going to the charity and we really enjoy these evenings, they’re great fun. Teams of 6, £2 entry per person. Raffle and guaranteed laughter!

See you there!

“Conversations with…” Podcast…with Dot!

The founder of the charity, Angie Clarke and one of the Trustees, Mike Turner continue with their new Podcast called ‘Conversations with’

This is an informal sit down with a slew of guests, next up is Dot! A local lady, who talks about life, travels and certainly has a story or 2 to tell!

Defo worth a listen which you can do so by clicking here

Let us know what you think, and if you would like to feature, do get in touch we’d love to hear from you!

The SWHS Team

Building up slowly…

So as this post is written, there are 18 days remaining until I run the Great Bristol Run. “I” being Rob, one of the Trustees of this amazing charity that serves to help those in the community who are struggling. The charity that through everything, even a global pandemic – has continued to see over 135 people a week and flourishes to this day.

As one of the board members, you might think it’s all been great for me – but I too have had my own personal struggles – serious addiction, mental health and some days, that feeling of desperation. How are things ever going to get better? It is a miracle I am even alive, has been said a few times. But I am. I fought and now I choose to give back to others. I really do have a great life these days.

But when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, my day job at Somewhere House – an addiction rehab centre, required me to try to the best of my ability, to keep myself and also the clients I work with, out of the pandemic’s way. We did it but it was at a cost. I struggled – like all of us – the isolation, the lockdowns, the uncertainty. My go to? Food. I put on a lot of weight and eventually decided in Feb 2021 that I had to do something about this. How could I care for others if I am not caring for myself?

This is where the running comes in. At first, I’ll be honest – I hated it. But like my battles with addiction, I fought with it and stuck with it and over time, saw that not only was the weight shifting but that my thoughts and ability to process and think about stuff, was clearer. The fitter I got, the more I pushed myself.

I know I thought, let’s run a half marathon. So, just over 18 months later – that is what is happening.

Have I trained hard? Yes, like you cannot imagine. At times, I have over trained and been rightly challenged for this. That person knows who they are, and thank you. I shouldn’t even be able to run, let alone a half marathon. A serious knee injury in 2008 and 5 operations, should say it all but today, I am able to run free, and love every previous minute of it.

I literally have given the training everything and now, barring injuries and illness – it will become a daunting exhilarating reality. I am excited and also scared about it – but intend to enjoy every minute of it, no matter what.

Yes I have a personal goal time in mind – but I will respectfully keep that a secret! Until afterwards.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, listened to me droaning on about running this and running that – gadgets, shoes, trainer socks and even hi vis gear!

This is my fundraising link – please support it if you can – needless to say, all money raised is going directly to the charity and will support children and young people with counselling.


Thank you all

Rob x